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Double pad sander for wood finishing

Double pad sander sanding machine is also called straight line sander, rubbing machine  is the the sanding machine with has 2 pad in the 1 equipment. It can do sanding with verry good result. The double pad sanding machine works in a different way with the orbital sander and palm pad sander. The machine has two sanding pads as place to attach the sandpaper. The double pad is moving forward and backward while it work. With its forward and backward motion he produces a more smooth and even surface with more consistent sanding mark according to the movement of the pad sander. It is the best sanding machine to sand the finishing layer. The double pad sanding machine is the best sander when the flat and high gloss finish is needed. With the proper application the machine can do sanding for the finishing layer (sealer or top coat) consistently to give flat and een finish.

The double pad sanding machine is available in 3 sizes: the 6 lbs, 7.5 lbs and 30 lbhs. The 30 lbs size machine is the good machine to do the rubbing process.  This machine can be used to sand the coating film in the first rubbing process. The # 800 grade sandpaper of finer is attached to the pad and used to sand the dry film surface. The machine can do a consistent sanding to obtain a smooth and flat surface. The result obtained is a flat and smooth film surface with consistent sanding. The sanding marks which can be less visible since it is camouflaged with the wood grain pattern.  

30 lbs double sanding machine

The sanding machine can also be fitted with a scotch brite to be used in compounds applications. When the machine is operated the scotch brite will rub the surface and do compounding with more consistent. The rubbing with compound will make a higher sheen on the surface. Because it most frequent uses in the rubbing process, this machine is also well known as the rubbing machine. 
For more information about the rubbing process, you can go to our previous article : rubbing and polishing for wood finishing

 15 lbs sanding double pad  machine

The machine with a smaller size is more used to do sanding between clear coating applications. Sealer or top coat can be sanded with 7.5 lbs or smaller size double pad sanding machine with best result. It will produce a flat and smooth surface with consistent sanding mark as the bigger machine.
This machine has less aggressiveness compared with the orbital sander or palm sander. This machine also has relatively more expensive price compared with the palm sander or orbital sander. Therefore it is more widely used machine for sanding the layers of clear coating especially when we want a high gloss finish. 

Tips on using the double pad sanding machine:
  •  Use the appropriate sandpaper.
This machine is tool to help move the sandpaper. The sanding quality will be largely determined by the proper uses the sandpaper. Use proper and good quality of sandpaper accordingly to the finishing step. To sand the sealer or top coat between clear coat applications, use sandpaper with grade # 280 or 320. For sanding the film layer on the first rubbing process use sand paper with # 800, # 1200, or higher grade. We can use a wet sanding by using liquid as a sanding lubricant and heat absorbent in the sanding process.
  •  Handle the machine properly
Put and attached the sandpaper on both of his pad. We can put some sandpaper layer on each pad. Make sure we put the same amount sandpaper on the each side of pad sander to make sure the sanding machine has even surface. Put the machine on the coating surface and turn on the machine. Move the tool consistently with the stroke direction according to the wood grain pattern. The pad will move stroke forward and backward according to the grain pattern. The pad movement will result a consistent sanding.
Don’t press the machine too much. The machine has a weight that can provide enough pressure for the sanding process. Just feel the movement and direct the machine to do the sanding.
Make sure the enough air pressure is available to run this machine. This machine is air pressure powered machine. See the specification of the air pressure and the volume needed. Make sure we can provide the compressed air needed.
  • Maintenance of the machine
This sanding machine requires proper maintenance to keep it works well. Always clean the machine after it is used. Check the machine and give oil to lubricate the motor regularly. Keep the machine by put this machine on a flat surface to keep his surface flat. The uneven pad surface will result in uneven sanding.

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  1. Pak Wisnu,

    Mohon informasinya mengenai merk dari 30 lbs double sanding machine diatas.

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    1. Pak Candra.
      mesin itu biasanya merknya stuhr.

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      Do you know where can buy 30 lbs double sanding machine?
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    3. You will have to search auctions. The 30 lbs Stuhr is no longer made.

    4. I got mine on eBay at a rare low price of $110 USD. They usually auction for more than $900 USD. Check eBay frequently.

  3. Sturh is discontinued. Very sad news.

  4. Such a shame this power tool is no longer available in the market. I tried looking for deals on eBay and Gumtree but can't find anybody willing to sell it.


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    1. No electric sander will match a dual pad pneumatic sander. Black & Decker, and also Sears used to make straight line sanders. Not even close to what a Stuhr, National-Detroit, or Sundstrand rubbing machine can do. In the car autobody industry you can get air files. These are straight-line sanders but the sanding pads are very narrow and not nearly - by a longshot! - as useful as a dual pad in-line sander.