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The finishing for carved wood furniture.

The carved is art to give the added value for the wood product. The carving is used to give character on the furniture products. The carving form special model and looked that make the furniture product has more value instead of just a household product. The carved is a tool to give artistic touch to the wood product. In the past, the carving could be the only element to build the luxurious in the furniture product. Now, there are more tools can be used such as: inlay, veneer pattern, painting, finishing techniques, etc. But however the art of woodcarving is still an important tool to make added value to the wood furniture. Carving can give the picture or special ornament the give the soul of the product.

the carved wood furniture with natural finish

Finishing for carved product.

To maximize the added value, the carved furniture requires a proper finishing. The finishing on carved wood should be done with the proper technique.  Some points that is needed to be considered are:
  • The stain application.
Carving is process that cut the wood, the carving part is a piece wood with end grain. This part will tend to absorb more stain then the surface wood. Too wet stain application can lead to the absorption of too much color and resulting in too dark color on the carving part. Application stain by brush or wipe should be carefully done. The application by brush should be done with the thin stain, the thick stain risky to get too dark color.
The spray applications is better choice because by this method you can be adjusted easier. Do medium wet spray technique for staining, and since the carved is rather complicated form, it may be rather difficult to get the even coloration with 1 layer spray.  You better dilute the stain and spray stain in two layers to do instead of spray 1 layer with thick stain.
  • Sealer application.
The carved part is end grain that will absorb more coating. It needs more clear coating layers to make a smooth surface. You need to put extra layer on the carved part when apply the sealer and top coat. Some people do sealer application and sanding the wood carved before stain application. This method will make the carved be more subtle and reduce the risk of absorbing too much stain on the staining.
  • Sanding.
The carving sections have uneven surfaces; he needs a special sanding tool that can follow the shape and pattern of the carving. A rigid sand paper will tend to cut the tip of carving and deform the engraving pattern. It needs flexible abrasives. The sanding to the unfinished wood should be done with cloth sandpaper. The cloth backing sandpaper is flexible to follow the carved form and less risk of deform the carved shape. While to sand the sealer or top coat you better use scotch brite. Scotch brite is quite flexible and be able to follow the carving shapes and reaching the inside part. 

glaze effect in the wood carved furniture

The uses of glaze.

Glaze is the perfect finishing materials to enhance and highlight the wood carved. Glaze with the right application will produce the beautiful alive appearance by enhancing the carved form. Glaze also be able to fill and coloring the inside carving part easily and overcome the difficulties in the staining.
Brush the glaze on the carving and let it fill the inside of the carving and all crevices evenly and then do highlights (wipe little bit of glaze on the outside part). The highlighted glaze will produce a finishing with more vivid coloration and enhance the form and shape of the carving.
The glaze should be applied on the sealer when the carved part is smooth and have enough film built. The carving part with thin clear coating is usually rough and risky to absorb too much glaze and result on too dark color.
If the glaze applied over the wash coat, then it should be preceded by application of an inert (glaze base) first. Brush or spray the inert glaze to wet the carving part carving then apply the glaze thereon, then brush the glaze evenly. The inert will fill the end grain to avoid the glaze to penetrate too much and preventing too dark coloration.  

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