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Kid Furniture

dresser for kid

If you do furniture business, the children are the furniture user that have to be considered as big market. When a child grew he will live in his own room, separated from parents and since that he will need furniture for his room. Generally the children also need the same furniture item as well as the elderly people. The children will need cabinet, bed, table, and chair to fill his room. But they need some special furniture such as: studying desk and rack to place his magazines and cabinet to place their toys.
Furniture for kids, requires different model
then adult furniture. Child usually only has  small room, so he needs furniture with a small size. The children usually also have different tastes with their parent. They would prefer more simple and dynamic models. Generally, the children have more energy to do many activities.  Therefore they won't like the furniture that interfere  their activities. The furniture with more simple in smaller size is more suitable for them. 

bunk bed furniture

Finishing for kid furniture

Finishing is one factor tha
t can be maximized to attract the children. The models for kid furniture may be rather limited, but the finishing can have wide variation. There are many color can be chosen to fulfill the kid tastes. The bright and cheerful colors such as: red, pink, purple, white are the favorite color. The colors that impress the modern looked such as: silver, metallic or millennium are also good choice.  
The transparent color with natural wood color or light color are the also good option. The darker color is also interesting, but keep in the simple form. The complicated finish such as antique finishing is not very suitable for the most of kid.
Almost all finishing materials can be used. The NC, PU, ​​water base, and AC are quite safe as long as the dry completely. However, because the solid colors
are that most use, the water based coating could be the most appropriate material. Water based paint provides a strong finishing layer, with a full choice of attractive solid colors is very ideal to the kid furniture. The other type of finishing material are also can be used but they has to be safe for the kid. The lead free and poison free is a must.

Safety for kid furniture

Safety factor is a very important issue for the furniture for children. Children are
human  who are growing  very quickly. They will be very active and to do lot of something new to satisfy their passion to learn. Since that, the security considerations should be place as main factor when make furniture for children.
The forms
should be simple with sturdy construction. Avoid the sharp edges and too complicated shape. Use the strong and safe construction in the assembling method. The finishing material used  should be quite strong and free poisons.

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