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Brush sander for wood furniture

Sanding is very important in the process finishing. The finishing quality is highly determined by the quality of sanding. The sanding to the unfinished wood and sanding to the clear coating both are very important to produce the product with good quality finishing. In the furniture industry which has big volume production, the sanding processes are done with sanding machines as much as possible. The uses machine to substitute the human will ensure the sanding process can with quickly and consistently. One of the sanding machine is designed to do the process of sanding in the furniture manufacturer is the brush sander. Brush sander is a tool to assist the process of sanding to the product or item with complicated form and shapes. The carved product, profile form component, or other irregular shapes can be sanded by brush sander. 
Brush sander is a sanding machine that does not use pad as a place to attach the sandpaper. The abrasives are cut into small pieces and fitted with a fiber as a buffer to form brush-like sander. The brushes of abrasives rotate to do the sanding process for the desired surface. It can do the sanding process to on complicated form objects. The brush of sandpaper is very flexible to reach the inside the profile, carved and the complicated form object without damaging the shape and profile. In further developments there are some models of the brush sander. There is brush sander that designed for sanding the panels with an uneven or profiled surface. The machine is widely used to do sanding process in the flat line finishing line. It mostly used in the UV or water based finishing line. Brush sander is used to replace the wide belt sander to sand the sanding sealer, top coat, or other clear coating between on the roller machine when the uneven surface panel products are finished. The hand scrapped parquet flooring, distressed parquet flooring, the profiled door or the other uneven form panel can be brush sanded in the finishing process. The brush sander machine is more flexible to do he sanding to the uneven surface without any risk of over sanding.

brush sander for uneven panel

The other type of brush sander is the brush sander with rotate wheel to sand the three-dimensional item with irregular form. The carved item, profiled posh, or the other complex three dimensional forms can be sanded with this machine. This machine is more manually tool, the operator is needed to direct the object to the sanding machine. It available in many sizes the small sizes is a portable device to do the sanding in the small object. While the bigger size machine available to sand the big items.

brush sander for three dimensional items

Attentions in the uses of brush sander
  • Brush sander machine has very little aggressiveness.
The brush sander machine can not do the sanding to form the objects and profiles. It can not clean up the putty, filler either clean up the chatter marks, knife marks or deep scratches. The correction to the putty or uneven shapes must be done hand sanding with or hand block or portable hand sander with have pad sander. Brush sander will only smooth the surface by cleaning or cutting the wood fibers in the wood surface.
The sharp knife or chisel should be used to make a carved form, profile or other complicated form product. The sharp knife and the right cutting and carving is the best ways to produce the perfect shape faster with better result. The shape correction in the sanding process requires a lot of effort and energy and usually will not give the perfect result.
  • Use the grade of sandpaper properly.
The proper grade of sandpaper is needed in the brush sander machine. The cloth back sandpaper is mostly used. To sand the raw wood, the 150 to 240 grade cloth sandpaper back is mostly used. While to do sanding in the finishing process, the stearate sandpaper is needed. The scotch brite also can be mounted in the brush sander to do the polishing.

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