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folding chair

Chair or seat is furniture that is specifically used for human for sit. Chair have parts that are set up to fulfill its functions, such as: legs, seat and back rest. It is also can be equipped with arms as a place to lay the hands. Chairs are usually used as the completeness table where people usually use it to do various activities. There are many types of chair according to the activities served; dining chairs, office chair, vanity chair, lawn chair, working chair, etc. Each of them have their special form according to their function.  Chair also can be classified according to its style. There is classic style or antique style that refers to the chair model in the past, and the  modern or contemporary chair that refers to the seats model in the present and future.
The chair can be not just furniture to sit, but also a symbol of status or position. The king chair, minister chair, the governor chair, are designed in special model to be used as a status symbol. 

rattan chair

Material for chair.
The advancing technology in the furniture manufacturer has provided variety material to make chair. Now, the chair can be made from many substrates such as: plastic, iron, stainless steel, rattan, resin, etc. But the most widely used is still the wood. The seat and backrest of the chair can be made from various materials such as: synthetics material such as: foam and fabric, or natural substrates as: leather, rattan, wood, bamboo, pandanus, water hyacinth. 

teak wood chair

Finishing for the chair.
The chair has unique shape and can be designed to showcase in the best shape in a design collection. The chair has small parts of: arms, legs and backrest that can be made in special form and decorative theme, and then it can be finished to enhance its beauty and unique shape..
The finishing for the chair generally is easier than the finishing for desk or cabinet. It has small surface that makes the application finishing materials can be done easier. Some small damage and imperfectness will not be looked too obvious as the large and wide surfaces at table or cupboard.
But the finishing materials used still have to accord to the function of the chair. The exterior finishing materials such as: PU outdoor or spar varnish is required for outdoor chair. The indoor chair can be finished with the NC, shellac, or furniture varnish. The NC finishing is my favorite since it is relatively easy to be applied and   be able to maximally enhance the beauty and unique of the chair.
Unlike tables that are used to put stuff and be stricken lot of activity, the chair relatively get less physical abused. But however, the strong finishing such as PU or AC is still needed for the chair that facing hard activities such as chair for hotel, bar and cafe.

garden chair

Tips in choosing chair.

Chairs are usually purchased together with the table. We usually buy the chairs together with the table in a set. But sometime we also may buy the chair alone to complement the existing furniture. When we decide to buy chairs there are two things we need to consider two major things: the function and the appearance.

 classic chair
  • The function of the chair
We decide to buy seat because we're going to use it, therefore make sure that we choose the product that according to our need. Choose the model, size and specification in accordance with the functionality we want. Choose the size of the chair to conform with the available space. Adjust the high chair according with a high of table and the people who is going to use it.
  • The appearance and the model of the chair
Choose the chair according to your taste. There are many chair supplier available with many model and style that we can choose.  What we need to do is just find the right supplier where we can buy the right product. The chair is also a the part of the decoration tool, then we also need to adjust the form and model of the chair according with the theme and decor of the room and space.

Tips to care the chair.

To make the chair be durable and can be used in a long time, the chair should be maintained properly. The caring to chair is quite simple. What we need to do is to clean the surface and minimize the physical abuses. Clean the  finishing in the same way as maintenance and cleaning of the finishing for the other furniture.
The chair is an item that is often be moved, then handle them carefully to minimized the physical abuses. The chair usually is protected with shoes at the bottom leg to reduce friction with the floor. Replace the shoes soon when it is damaged to reduce friction with the floor that could be a hard physical abuses for the chair..
Queen anne chair

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