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Night stand, small cabinet in the bed room

Night stand, nite stand, nakas, side table or bed side table is one of the furniture for bedroom. Night stand is a small table or a small cabinet that is placed beside the bed. In a big room, the 2 night stands can be mounted in the right and the left side of the bed. Night stand is used as place to put the sleeping supports such as: lights, drinks, food, telephones, and vases or other souvenir. Night stand is also featured with drawer or self as a place to store other support bedtime stuff such as: books, radios, tape recorders, etc.
Now the night stand can be designed with wide choice of models and sizes. This time the stuff s for support sleep has a much smaller size and compact. The mobile phones, kindle, mp 3 player, are have small size with fully entertainment functions. Even the food and drink now are available in bottles or small packets that are no longer takes place as before. Thus the night stand can be designed with unique and special model to maximize its aesthetic function.

classic night stand
The models of the night stand are usually according to the model and the shape of the other bed room furniture sets. As indoor furniture that is placed in the room, the night stand can be made with wide range substrates choices. Night stand can be made from: wood, engineered wood, wood products, synthetics or natural materials. The combination solid wood with plywood veneer is most used. In the furniture industry, the night stand product is made as a set together with the other bed room furniture: bed, dresser, armoire, dresser, desk, television, etc.
Wide range of finishing materials can be used to finish the night stand. NC finish can be used with a variety of finishing effects can be generated. Other finishing materials such as water base, PU, ​​AC or traditional finishing materials such as: varnish, shellac or wax oil finish materials can also be used. It is placed inside the room then it is quite safe and does not need special finish material.  This product is also relatively less to get physical abuses, so more colors and appearance can be used

simple nite stand

Tips to buy the night stand.
1. Choose the size according to the room
Night stand is thing that will fill the room and took place in the room. Then he should be able to enter the room while providing comfortable situation in our room. In a big bedroom, a “big” night stand may can be placed, in the hotel room then 2 or even more night stand can be filled in. But for a small room, we should choose a small night stand. Make sure that the existence of nite stand in the room does not make the atmosphere of the room to be “too full”  and uncomfortable.
2. Consider the usefulness of the nite stand.
The night stand is furniture that bought to be used, then we must still consider the usefulness of night stand. Estimate the goods that will we put and placed on and then choose the model and the form that best suits. The furniture industry today has been providing a wide range of models and shapes night stand that we can choose according to our need. There are also many woodworking shops that are available to make a night stand with model and special sizes to suit our needs.
3. Choose the appropriate model.
Nite stand is usually sold as a part of bed room furniture such as: bed, dresser, armoire, dresser or desk. Therefore the model and finishing night stand usually according to the model of the other furniture bed. But we can also buy a night stand itself apart from other products. However when we decide to buy the night stand, then we still have choose the model and appearance to suit our tastes. Choose a night stand with the shape and appearance that matches to the theme and decoration of the room. As a small items stuff, then the night stand can also be made special with a unique and special model as eye catching room.

 hand painted night stand

How to care the night stand.
Same with the other goods, the nite stand also need well treatment to be last longer. Night stand is an indoor product that can be simply maintained. It is also relatively less got physical abuse, so it should be stay longer and used in long time. What we need to do is just clean the night stand every day from the dust. Some time we can use the cleaning liquid or wax to clean the finish. Do not forget to sweep and clean the pit under the night stand because it often collect lot of dust and dirt that can be unhealthy.

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  1. I am dreaming of a night stand like the one in the first pic!

    mirrored nightstand

    1. Yes it is very special product.
      Made with the expensive wood, with high gloss and close pores finish with the expensive finishing material.


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