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Teak wood for indoor furniture

Teak wood has been very popular in the woodworking industry since very long time ago. The wood has ideal properties to be used in the woodworking industry; it is durable, easy to be machined and has attractive appearance. The teak wood is widely used for making frame house, decking and furniture. The teak for indoor furniture is quite lot although not as much as outdoor furniture. The high price of the wood teak and indoor furniture specification that does not need the strong wood, makes many options wood can be used for indoor furniture.

antique teak sink table

The indoor teak furniture is premium product with a high price. However, of course the teak for indoor furniture will be very nice product. The teak wood naturally has a very attractive appearance by its grain and base color. With proper selection of design, model and color then the interesting furniture products will be generated. For indoor uses, the higher flexibility of design and looked can be made. The teak veneer also can be used to indoor teak furniture. With the proper setting and arrangement, it will produce furniture with could be more attractive then the solid wood furniture, and of course the cheaper price.

teak coffee table

Tips to buy the teak wood furniture.

Now, we have been very spoiled by the furniture industry. Various types and models are available so we can choose the furniture that best suits to our desire. We also can order the furniture with special models. We can also get the teak furniture easily. Jepara is one of the furniture industry center in Indonesia that providing lot of teak wood furniture. We can come to the furniture stores that provide furniture products with various models that can be directly bought and carried. We can also make order to get special model. If we need large amount furniture product, then we can come to the furniture factories which are willing to work on big amount order.

 teak side table with oil finish
  • Check the moisture content of wood.
All the wood products always need the dry wood, including the teak wood furniture. Many teak woods are from the resident plantations that may be not a well processed and managed. The teak wood furniture could be manufactured by home industry that does not have oven drying facility. Because of that, the moisture content could be the big problem. Make sure that the furniture we bought is made by using the dry wood. If we order large quantities, then we are better to deal with the reputable supplier.
  • Veneer or solid wood.
There is an option to use the teak veneer instead of solid wood. The solid wood furniture is generally having higher price than the veneer. Veneer also provides flexibility in setting and arrangement so it can produce more attractive appearance. But solid wood products provide benefits as a natural product that has more value. This solid wood furniture could be an investment, because someday it could be antique stuff that has very high value.
  • The model and finishing
Teak wood furniture can be made in various style and color finishing. But of course the models should be able to explore the natural beauty of teak wood. The furniture with simple models is the best choice because it will enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Furniture that is too complex or busy appearance can be made with other wood.
There are also many choices of colors and finishes can be used for the teak furniture. But of course we need to choose the type of finishing that can enhance the beauty of wood grain and basic color. Teak wood also has a golden brown base color that is very interesting. The natural color finish with clear coating application or oil finish will give the nice and interesting looked. Finishing with transparent color with variety of models and color and also produce furniture with an attractive appearance. For indoor uses, almost all kinds of wood finishing materials can be used. NC, AC, PU or water based can be used with very good performance results. We can also use the traditional finishing materials such as shellac, varnish, wax or oil finish.
Solid colors or a wash color finish that uses thick pigment should be avoided, because of the risk to get problems with the oil inside the wood. The solid colors will also be cover and kill the beauty of wood that should be maximally enhanced as the hallmarks of this wood.

7 comments for "Teak wood for indoor furniture"

  1. It's kinda hard to find antique office furniture in nyc these days. That rustic teak furniture blends perfectly in my office. I'm loving its old-school vibe yet very modern.

    1. Yes it is.
      The antique furniture is not proper for the office.
      The antique furniture is more proper for the house.


  2. Teak furniture is long-term resistant.Today, teak furniture is much more easily available and much more inexpensive. When shopping for teak furniture, craftsmanship and simple finish are the important characteristics to look for.

    1. Yes the teak wood furniture is going to be more popular now.


  3. I like how teak can be versatile and can be used to make different household items and not just furniture. Aside from that, it durable.

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