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Patio furniture

Patio is an outdoor space that is used for relax, recreation or dining. It may refer to a roofless inner courtyard or a paved area between a residence and a garden. Patio is like a park or garden as open space as a place to relax, while enjoying the sunshine. Patio furniture is the furniture to fill the patio. The patio furniture collection mainly the furniture to sit, relax and do the outdoor activities such as seat, table, or bench. 

patio folding table

Patio furniture in the product and style is very much the same with garden furniture. It has a very similar task. If we mention about patio furniture it can be meant by the garden furniture, while the garden furniture always can be used to be patio furniture. As exterior furniture, patio furniture is needed to be specially made since he has to withstand the sunlight, rain, and outdoor weather and climate.
The patio furniture usually has simple model and shape, and brings the atmosphere of relaxed and natural. The bench, lenjer, seat, or even chair and table are made in the special design to support the relaxing activities..
Patio furniture is outdoor furniture, then he needs a strong and durable material to withstand the outdoor weather. The hardwood that is suitable for outdoor uses should be used such as: oak, teak, merbau, bengkirai, munggur, etc. The other exterior synthetic materials can be used such as: synthetic wicker, aluminum, iron, or stainless steel.

patio cooper table

Finishing for patio furniture.

As furniture for exterior uses the patio furniture need special finishing layer that be able to withstand the outdoor weather. The stain used must be deigned to the outdoor used; otherwise the color will fade soon. The coating used has to be special finishing materials for the exterior.
The transparent wood color is mostly used to bring the natural atmosphere. The finishing with oil finish, spar varnish or exterior PU or water based clear coating with light stain is good choice for this color. If the iron or aluminum metal or paint finish is used then the exterior paint (car paint) can be used finishing. 

 patio chair with outdoor finish

Tips in choosing the patio furniture.
  •  Consider the size to the shape of the space available.
As a place to relax, the patio or garden needs relief room. The presence of furniture in the room should not too big or too full that can interfere the atmosphere of relaxing. Choose the furniture with the simple and practical model. The furniture that can be folded may be better choice, because it can be folded and stored when not in use so the spacious and roomy can be kept in the patio.
  • Make sure the furniture is specially made for outdoor use
Patio furniture is used for outdoor, then that he must be specially made for outdoor uses. Make sure that the furniture is made using materials that are durable for outdoor uses. If the furniture is in the finished, then make sure that the exterior finishing material is used.

patio relax chair

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  1. This wooden chair reminds me of our garden in the province. Thanks for sharing this one.
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    1. You well come.

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  2. A patio is one of the most valuable and satisfying home improvements you can make but building it is a big and expensive job. Wood patio furniture has become quite popular in the past few years. Many people enjoy the beauty and rustic look that wood can offer to their outdoor area.
    patio design

    1. Yes agree, the patio (furniture) always interesting since it bring you to the relax and bring to the nature.


  3. I have some wicker outdoor furniture at home, but I think this patio furniture looks amazing as well. I wonder how my house will look like with these kinds of furniture. Anyway, I like that patio cooper table. It looks simple yet very striking.

    1. Yes thanks.

      As a finishing consultant i have good relationship with many furniture manufacturers in here. If you look for the manufacturer for those products just contact me. I will bring you to the manufacturer.


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