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The Scandinavian Furniture Style

Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe that includes the three kingdoms: Denmark, Norway and Sweden who historically have similarity in the ethnology, cultural and language. But the Scandinavia often also refers to the some small countries around the three countries, the: Faroe Islands, Iceland and Finland which have proximity historical and geographical to the three countries. 
Geographically this area is located in the north land, close to the North Pole, so it has a more extreme climate than Southern European countries. In winter, the weather can be very cold with a very short day time, meanwhile in the summer time the weather is very hot with longer day time than the other European regions. The geographical and climate then has formed the Scandinavia culture to be different with the other European countries.

Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian Furniture.

The geographical conditions and culture have also influenced the model furniture in this area. The Scandinavian has his own style and model furniture that is very well known as the Scandinavian furniture. Basically the Scandinavian furniture is identical to the simple form, practical and natural, bring the atmosphere of relax, calm and serene. The Scandinavian furniture style then spreads to many other countries and is accepted by the world furniture market as special furniture style.  

The furniture markets in various places accept this model as one of the special style in  furniture design. The Scandinavian furniture model is also adopted and used by many furniture designers as inspiration to make furniture. Now the Scandinavian furniture style is available in various countries with various modifications. Generally the Scandinavian furniture is picturing the contemporary, simple and bring the natural beauty. The style brings to the atmosphere of simplicity, elegance, relax, calm and serene.

Finishing for Scandinavian furniture.

Scandinavian transparent finish

Basically the light colors and natural is the favorite finishing for the Scandinavian furniture. Dark colors are very rare used. The wood with light base color such as: oak, pine, maple, beech, are most used. Natural finishing with a light stain or no stain with application thin layer sealer and semi gloss top coat is the most common. But with the spreading and modification of this style, the darker wood such as: mahogany, rosewood, walnut, teak, etc. are also used.  The classic models with some antique effect are also could be found some.

Scandinavian antique paint finish

If the paint finish is used, then the soft and calm colors are used. The paint finish with white color, light green, light blue, light brown, salmon, cream paint are commonly found. As well as the transparent finish, the paint color can also be made with little antic effect. But however, the finish always impresses the simplicity and natural.

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