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Mirror as is glass that serves to reflect light that goes to him. Mirror as furniture product is used to help people for personal grooming. It is including the household that always needed in a room or houses. It is main function, is to help people to see himself at the time of dressing up. But then as well as other furniture, it also serves to decorate the room. At the time mirror then is made in various shapes, color and model.
The mirror becomes one of the essential elements part in furniture set in a collection. Mirror can be made with special frame to be hung in the wall or place in special hold. The mirror frame and the mirror hold are designed to be accord with the other furniture in one collection.
As household product, mirror is an object that is relatively rarely be touched or handled. Mirror has a glass that makes people always carefully in the handling.  Then the mirror may be made with very complex shape and be finished with maximum beauty with less risk to become damaged due to the usage. The mirror can be made in many shape and models: square, oval, circle or with variety ornaments. It also can be finished in many models such as: antique, classic, rustic, millennium, contemporary, etc.  as the finish and model for furniture.
Generally the model of the mirror is according to the model of the furniture in the room. But as the product that is mounted at the wall, it also can be in a special form, different with the furniture as long as accord to the room decoration theme.
Since it is relatively rare to be touched, then the mirror can be finished in a special looked to maximize its beauty.  High gloss finish with gold or silver can be applied to the mirror without any risk of damage caused by the usages. The finishing material for the mirror is the same with the finishing material for the furniture. The transparent finish or the opaque finish with many color and model are much used to accord with the furniture finish. The gilt finish is also can be applied to the mirror to give the expensive looked.

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