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Mirror, the important accessory in the room decoration

A mirror is a tool that can reflect all light come to it surface. As the part of furniture in the room, mirror is one of important element to complete the room decoration. Mirrors were first installed in the house might be purposed to help peoples to dressing up or grooming. But now, mirrors have a further function as component to bring the aesthetics value to the room and build the decorative theme for the room he placed. 

white mirror

Here are some of the function of mirrors in the room decoration.
  • The Center of Attention
A mirror with a unique frame can function as a cynosure in the room. A mirror installed on the wall of the room becomes the center of attention to the peoples that in there. His existence will builds the theme of the wall or room he is . Depending on the model and design of the mirror, the mirror can build the decorative theme of the room. A mirror equipped with a frame and base is also work to fill the empty spaces and providing balance in the room.
  • Make more fell spacious
Mirror will reflect the light come and create the illusion that make the room appears wider. A flat mirror mounted on the wall will display the view of the room in front of it so that it will visually make the room be feel wider. This trick can be used to make a small room look more spacious and wider.
  • Make room more clear
Mirrors that are installed in certain positions will reflect and allow the light to spread throughout the room. This will help increase the brightness of the room naturally and reduce the use of lamps
  • Form the aesthetics of the room
Mirrors in the room will also bring the aesthetics to the room and build the room decoration theme. Mirrors with luxurious frames or detailed ornaments can add a luxurious and elegant impression to the room. On the other hand, a mirror with a country or rustic model will bring, freedom, informal and warm atmosphere into the room. We can choose mirror with similar model with the furniture to enhance the room decoration. We also can choose mirror in different model to balance the decoration in the room if necessary.

classic mirror
classic French mirror

Tips for choosing a mirror

There are many types and models of mirrors available. From mirrors with a luxurious and expensive impression, to antique, classic, country and rustic models. From the simple shape to the complex special shape. Everything has its own beauty and can used to complete the room decoration. But to get maximum benefits, we have to choose the right mirror to fill the room. Here are some tips for choosing a mirror
  • Consider the room decoration theme
Mirrors are one part of furniture that will form the aesthetic value to the room. Therefore, the decoration theme is the main consideration in choosing mirror. Make sure the mirror will fill the room according with the decoration theme. Mirrors are usually sold together with other furniture, therefore the selection and purchase of mirrors can be chosen together with the purchase of furniture according to the chosen decoration theme.
  • Consider the size of the room.
Mirrors can reflect light and make a room feel wider and brighter, but the frame will do the other way. A mirror with a wide, simple frame (or without a frame) will help make the room feel more spacious. On the other hand, mirrors with complex shapes frame will fill the room and make the room more lively and beautiful. Consider the room and the furniture in there and choose the suitable mirror according to the room.
  • Consider the safety
Mirrors are made from glass which will break easily and pose a risk of injury to people who hit it. Therefore, the mirror must be installed safely, make sure it is placed in a location that is safe from passersby to avoid the risk of being hit by someone. Make sure the mirrors that is mounted on the wall or attached to other furniture is attached firmly and safe. Mirror that stands alone, make sure it is supported properly and is safe from the risk of falling.
  • consider the maintenance
Regular maintenance is needed to keep this mirror clean and functioning properly. One of the maintenance required is regular cleaning of the glass and the frame or support. When choosing and installing a mirror, also consider the maintenance method that will be carried out. Make sure we can carry out maintenance easily to the mirror to keep his performance and looked.

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