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Reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed or recycled wood furniture is furniture made from recycled wood. The wood can come from various sources, such as: old buildings, docks, warehouses, or even scraps from lumber mills. The recycled wood furniture is unique and special. It is environment friendly because it helps to reduce waste and the uses of new natural resources. It also gives special looked with his own character and uniqueness. This recycled wood furniture can include tables, chairs, cupboards, and more, often featuring interesting textures, colors, and details due to its history and age. Apart from that, choosing furniture from recycled wood is also a more environmentally friendly choice.
The wood products that are old, damaged and no longer used can be reused as reclaimed or recycled wood. The used wood furniture, house frame, wood door, wood parquet wood ship, or other wooden product has a value as a reclaimed wood. The reclaimed wood is popular to make special furniture product. The reclaimed wood furniture has high value since it is naturally antique, ancient, and distinctive. The reclaimed wood furniture already is well-known as special model of furniture which has his segment in the furniture market. The used wood should be strong enough and still in the good condition when it is processed and reused. Then only some species woods are used as reclaimed wood furniture. The most popular recycled wood are: teak, oak, pine and some mixed wood. The wood availability is the important issue since the furniture industry always need a continuous raw material supply. The teak wood has high availability because it has been popular and used since long time ago. Ships, house frame, door, furniture, floor and any other wood products were made from teak wood. And now when the wood products are going to be old and damaged, the wood is still in good condition and can be recycled to make reclaimed wood furniture.

reclaimed wood furniture

The reclaimed teak wood is popular since it has an attractive appearances from its beauty wood grain beside of his ancient impression. The models of the recycled teak furniture of course always highlight its ancient, antique and rustic. The existence of cracked, holes, dents, peg, from the former application are good outset to make the antic and ancient looked at the profuct. Some physical distress and other finishing manipulation may be added to give more impression of old and ancient product.
The reclaimed wood also has the advantage since he has been very stable because it has been exposed in the outside air for many years or even decades. The problem caused by the wood movement due to changes in air humidity environment should no longer exist. However, attention is also needed in processing the recycled wood. The recycled wood is old wood; he could be too old and could be broken already lost his structural strength. This timber may also contain nails or pegs inside that could damage the machine in the processing.

 reclaimed teak wood finishing step

Finishing for reclaimed wood furniture.
Reclaimed wood furniture always describes the impression of old and ancient, then the finishing should be according to the style of the furniture product. The simple finishes with the application of wax or oil are the most used since it accords with the rustic and ancient looked from the furniture. The finishing with the modern finishing material by application of stain, clear coating glaze can also be generated with the antique style finishing with thin film to show the natural impression. Applications of thick clear coating should be avoided because it would contrary to the impression naturally ancient of the wood. Some physical manipulations such as wire brush or physical distress can be done to enhance the old and antique looked. The special finish to create dust looked with powder glaze or water based paint are also can be used to make more antique and old looked.

recycled oak wood

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