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Petrified wood for furniture.

Petrified wood is wood which is petrified and have transitioned to stone. The trees that has been buried under the ground after long time will experience changes in chemical and physical properties to be wood fossil. The special process of petrifaction has made the wood to hard and dense as stone, but still has the appearance as a wood pieces. The wood pattern such as: bark, sap wood, heartwood, and the grain and pore patterns are still pictured at the petrified wood. It makes the petrified wood is very special. It can be used to makes various products such as: souvenirs, handicraft, and furniture.

 petrified wood

The petrified wood products have high values since its unique appearances. Petrified wood has attractive appearance of his beauty “wood looked”.  And since it is stone then it is also hard, dense, strong and durable. The petrified products is very stable and strong enough be used for outdoor uses as well as indoor.
But since it is “stone”, then the petrified wood is also relatively limited in the construction. It is hard and difficult to be cut and formed to make the complex form. In the furniture, petrified wood is more used to make top panel on the cabinet or desk or to make furniture with simple form. The petrified wood is more used to make the simple table or bench or seat.  Petrified wood can also be used in combination with wood to make the unique and attractive products. 
Petrified wood product is generally marketed in a natural state without any coating. It is finished by sanding and polishing to be smooth and high gloss. Its unique and natural appearance is the main value of this material. Some stone paint and coating can be used to enhance its beauty appearance but must be applied wisely. Basically it does not coating application to protection as the wood product. 

 petrified wood table
If we want to deal with petrified wood furniture then we must consider that it is scarce good. We cannot expect to get the same and uniform looked as we wish for the furniture in the mass product. The petrified wood could have big variation in the color and appearance since it still has the wood pattern. The variation as the wood such as: grain pattern, base color, are the main unique value of this material. The wood fossil is also varied in its looked and properties according to its formation process. It is also quite high in the price compared with the wood. The petrified wood product should be more considered as an art product instead of mass product.

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