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Country furniture style

The term of country can be meant as the rural area, the opposite of the city. In the interior design, country style design means the informal room style which is more emphasizes to the comfortable and friendship atmosphere instead of the elegancy and formally looked.  The guest does not need to be afraid to sit an relax in a country style living room or drop in for a cup of tea in a country style kitchen. This design style is casually elegant with a compliment of sturdy, practical furniture, colorful textiles and useful rather than fanciful accents.
The term describes the country in the interior design emphasizes to the informal atmosphere than the beauty or elegance of appearance. Country design brings us to the atmosphere of free, relaxed and friendship. The country style Furniture is one of the supporting elements required to build the country interior design. The country style furniture have mild forms, practical, simple, with antique or rustic finishing looked. Some simple ornament can also be used but with the simplicity remain highlighted. The complicated shape as the classics and the perfectly shape at the contemporary design is avoided.

The country furniture has a long history; starting from 17th and 18th century when European Americans started life as farmer in the new country. The farm life that was simple, dirty and natural, with the meadow and forest are depicted in furniture. The furniture at the time is conceived as: the dirty, dusty and simple and practical. The country style furniture came up during the 1980s at the furniture market and until now still favored by many people. The furniture designed with shape and looked to reproduce the simple and practical form with antique and dirty looked finish to mimic the situation at the 17th century. The influences from Europe and other places are also picturing the country furniture style. Various models of European primitive furniture adorn at the style. French country furniture is one of the models that is quite lot in this design. Now the other rustic and traditional furniture from many other places also enliven the country furniture. The U.S. market is still the main place for the country furniture style, but with the globalization the furniture can also be found in many other places.

french country furniture

Finishing for country furniture
The antique is the finishing for the country furniture. The finish can be simple as the natural wood with the wax or oil application or the full finish with many distresses and stain effect. The heavy physical distress combined with glaze and stain effect is used to finish the country finishing. Some special technique such as: spatter, dry brush glaze, cow tail are used to make the distressed looked. Even some special finishing materials are made and designed to accommodate the country finish. The dusty wax, waxing lacquer, veiling lacquer, powder glaze are some special material to accommodate the country finish. 

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