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Rustic furniture, the natural and special furniture

The term of rustic refers to the rural, simple, country and natural. The rustic furniture is furniture with simple forms, natural and country looked. It is the opposite to the modern, contemporary and elegance style furniture. Historical the rustic furniture was originally made by the rural poor villagers and traded for some money or food. Now the rustic furniture style is enliven the furniture market with his special unique appearance and spirit of nature. In the decoration, the rustic furniture is describing the atmosphere of relaxed, friendships and back to to nature theme. Rustic furniture is employing sticks, twigs or logs and other natural substrates with emphasized to the simple, handmade and natural looked.  There are some decorative element can be added such as hand carved, ornaments, paint effects, but it has to be rural, natural and simple.

natural wood rustic table

The genuine rustic furniture may be available in the market in small amount. It is the furniture that is made from the real natural material. They could be wood log furniture, root, old wood, stone or other material that are taken from the nature. But the price will be very expensive. The rustic style furniture is more available in the market. It is the furniture that is made to be “rustic looked”. Some furniture manufacturer or woodworking shops are available to make the rustic furniture. There some techniques can be used to make the rustic looked such as: hand carving, physical distress, and material application techniques. But most of rustic furniture still comes from the rural area, village or the third country where the natural substrates can be easily gathered. The recycled wood, pandanus, water hyacinth, banana, coconut dun, palm leaves, rattan are the natural materials commonly used to make the rustic furniture. 

 hyacinth for rustic bench

  bamboo rustic table

Finishing for rustic furniture.

rustic paint finish

Finishing is the important element to build the rustic looked. The finish must be simple and accentuate the natural impression. The traditional finishing materials such as: wax or oil finish can also be used. Some physical distress technique such as: wire brush, chip carving and the proper finishing can generate the handmade, rustic and naturally old looked.  The nc clear coat can be used but with thin layer; too thick film layer will be contrary with the simple and natural looked of the rustic style. The paint finish with an old and simple can be used. The chipped off paint technique and brushing paint technique are used to make the old and rustic. 

wired brush rustic texture

If combination with metal then the old looked and worn out finished is needed. The antique aluminum, bras or cooper finished or antique rust finished are the good combination with other natural substrate to make rustic furniture. 

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