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Root for furniture

The root is the most important parts of the tree during its life. Located in the ground the root is the tree part that looks for food and a source of life for the tree. The root also has to be very strong because it serves to hold the tree to keep standing. All tree life is centered in the root. The tree that is cut, still be able to survive and continue its life as long as its root is still alive in well condition. However, in the woodworking industry, the root is considered as the waste or may be just a side product. Although the root is probably the strongest part of the wood but it has an irregular shape that make it difficult to be utilized. When the tree is  harvested, the roots are cheaply sold as side products or wastes.
But for artists and craftsmen, the root is the good material to make sculpture or ornament. The craftsmen and carpenter also can form the root to make furniture. Jepara is one of the areas where we can source the product from root. There wide range of root products are available in here such as: ornament, sculpture, handicraft and furniture.  The natural skill of the Jepara people and the availability the root timber is driving the root product industry in here. You can find many root furniture in any model in here, you also can order some special form of rot furniture in here. 

The root wood furniture is very attractive. With its unique and natural beauty then the root furniture is special. It is function as household product as well as home furnishing to decorate the room. But however when we deal with this furniture we need to understand this product well. As special product, he need to be treated differently with the common furniture. Here some things to be considered about the root wood furniture.

root wood for table
  • Root wood furniture is an art product.
Root wood furniture is made differently with the furniture from solid wood or engineering wood. The furniture manufacturer makes furniture by making design and then cutting and engineering the wood with the size and shape according to the design. The root furniture is made in the opposite way. The artist, craftsman find the rood then he use his imagination and thought to produce the products in accordance with the existing form. Root wood product is more the art work instead of the engineering product. The uniqueness of the root shape and color is the main beauty of this product. We certainly cannot expect to get a product with the same size, shape and form as the furniture from the furniture manufacturer. 

root for table
  •  Finishing for the root furniture.
The root furniture does not need the complex finishing. As an art product it has natural beauty that is very attractive. The root wood product is commonly used marketed in with a simple finish or unfinished condition. If it finished, then the simple wax or oil finish are the most used. The thin layer of clear coating also can be used to give better protection. The thick finish layer should be avoided because it against its natural beauty.
  • The type of wood.
Not all root wood can be utilized. Some trees has no attractive looked, either the strength to make furniture. To make the good product, the roots must be strong enough and has form able basic shape. The root from teak wood is the most popular used. It is strong, has nice appearance and quite easy to be sourced.
  • The moisture content.
The root furniture is made by maximizing the basic shape of the root. Generally it has thick and large shape. The drying process of this product will be slowly happened; especially most of them are dried naturally. Then we cannot expect them to be completely dry as the wood product from the woodworking industry. Fortunately, the product usually has a relatively simple form, and the problems caused by the changes of the wood dimension are rarely happened. 

root for chair

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  1. So unique? But how can we make them comfortable to use?

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    1. With the proper arrangement and setting we can make them comfortable. What we need is the proper design and room decoration.

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