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Coffee table, table for living room

Coffee table (cocktail table) is a table to serving drinks. And because the coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world, then the table to serve the drink is named as the coffee table. The coffee table is the usually installed in the living room as important furniture of the living room. We usually serve the snack and drink for our guest to bring the atmosphere of friendship. And the coffee table is designed as a place to put the drink and snack for our guest. In addition there could be some magazines, ashtray, newspaper and some other souvenir to bring the comfortable atmosphere for our guest. 

 coffee table

In the living room there are also chairs or sofas as a place to sit. For some homes, coffee tables can be placed on a carpet, mat or wood parquet flooring. With this layout, we may don’t need the chair, or sofa; the people in the room can sit on the floor or carpet.

petrified coffee table

petrified wood coffee table

 Coffee table is furniture which is the part of the living room. To get the pleasant room then we need to accord the table to the living room decoration theme to bring the atmosphere we want. The selection of the coffee table actually is quite easy and simple. There are many model and type of coffee table that we can choose. The furniture industry is providing the coffee table with a variety of models, types and form that we can choose according to our needs. There are also many furniture shops are available to make the coffee table with special form and style if we want to.

Tips to choose the coffee table.
  • Choose the model and form according to the theme of the room decoration.
Coffee table as home furniture will always serve as the part to build the aesthetic value of the room. Then the table has to match room with the room decoration and the atmosphere that will be built in the living room and the whole building. The model, form and color of the coffee table should be in line with the other constituent elements of the room decoration such as: wall, floor, door, windows and other household to bring the nice room.

iron coffee table

  • Consider the size according to the size of the room.
Coffee table usually is a small table. It has relative small size of the top and low height according to the size of the living room that usually is not too big. When we chose the coffee table, we always need to consider the size of the living room to be filled it. Make sure the furniture is not too fully the room. Make sure there is still enough space for the people inside to do the activity freely. 

 antique coffee table
  • Consider the maintenance.
As household product, the coffee table will always need to be cleaned everyday. Choose the table that is easy to be cleaned and maintained. Avoid to buy too complex product that lead to the difficulties in the maintenance. Check the type of the finishing at the table, and find out how to clean and maintain the finish.

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