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LPL for furniture

L.P.L. (Low Pressure Laminate) panel is an engineering product. It is made from the melamine paper (deco paper impregenated with the melamine resin) that is pressed at the M.D.F., praticle board, or pywood. A panel of M.D.F., plywood or particle board panel is needed as a base for the resin and paper. The layers are pressed with a pressure about 20 to 30 bars (between 290 to 435 psi) at temperatures of 335 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 50 second. After the reaction is completed, then a panel with plastic resin at the top is resulted. The materials used, the panel and the result is about the same process with H.P.L., but lower pressure and temperature is needed. (see our previous article : H.P.L. for furniture).  That is may be the reason why it is called L.P.L. (low pressure laminated).
It is very similar with H.P.L. in the looked and properties. It is strong and has high resistant to the heat, scratch and chemical. Although it is made from melamine resin but it is quite safe for household purposes. With the good quality resin used, it will not release any hazard or toxic materials, after its reaction has completed. Actually its free toxic is slightly less compare with the H.P.L., but it is quite safe to be used as furniture and household products. The decorative paper is used make the panel looked and color. Many model of wood grain and pores looked and can be made as well as the paint finish with any color. The special finish such as metallic, pearl, silver or gold are also can be made.
If the H.P.L. is marketed in a thin layer (with a thickness of about 1mm), the L.P.L. is already in the form of a panel with decorative looked at the top. The thickness of the L.P.L. is depending to the thickness of the panel (usually m.d.f. or particle board) used as a base at the manufacturing process. To make the L.P.L. panel we does need to glue the layer at the thick flat panel (bare core, particle or plywood or M.D.F.) as the H.P.L. panel. The panels is already consist the particle or M.D.F. board at the bottom. The L.P.L. panel can be directly cut and used to make any product. 
Normally the L.P.L. panels is cheaper compared with H.P.L. With the exact size of the panel's thickness can be directly used. The laminating and gluing process is no longer needed. The problem is about the minimum amount of panel to be economical in the production batch. If necessary we can laminate the L.P.L. panel with the other flat panels, particle board or plywood,  bare core to make panel with higher thickness.
L.P.L. panel is used as substitution for wood panel make wide range of furniture products and household product. L.P.L panel have advantages because he is strong, resistant to heat, scratches, chemicals, solvents. With the selection at the decorative paper used, variety of : models, colors and looked can be produced without any finishing process. As engineering product, it also has stable properties, relatively uniform, controllable and measurable compare with the wood panel.

L.P.L. table

LPL table

L.P.L. is lot used to make furniture products with simple form and model. Contemporary furniture, office furniture, simple tables, cabinets, kitchen set can be made with the L.P.L.. The knock down furniture models that produced in big amount is the suitable product for the L.P.L.. With the proper manufacturing process , the production process can be set up with less people power but rely to the machinery. With the proper arrangement then the high speed and efficient production process can be made, and less expensive product is resulted.

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