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Gamplong, the center of Wicker craft in Yogyakarta.

Gamplong is the small village at the north part of Yogyakarta district. It is located at about 10 km from the center city of Yogyakarta. The area is the center of the wicker craft. There are many craftsmen and artisans and wicker craft producers in here. Many wicker and woven products such as : bag, basket, wall  hanging, many ornamental and souvenirs product from this area are shipped to many cities to many countries. The industry in here is also doing many product and accessories to support the other industries in around here. They make the wicker, webbing, plaited matt, cane work for the furniture industry in around here.  
The wicker craft industry in here may be started to support the tourism industry. Until now they are making many souvenir products to be sold and marketed in the tourist area in around Yogyakarta. But when the industry was growing then the area become well known as the center of the wicker craft products. Then many people are coming here to find the handicraft products and supplier in here. The presence of the wicker craft industry in here also is triggering this area to be tourist destination.  Some peoples may visit this place for business purpose but more people visit this area to enjoy the village, see the industry and find some gift and souvenirs product. The peoples who need the handicraft product can come here to find wide range of handicraft product with price that is considered cheaper then in the city. In here the people also can order some specific product with special form and model. People also come here to see and learn how to make the wicker product. In these centers tourists can visit to enjoy the beauty of nature while looking at a collection of products and craft products as well as to buy the desired products. 

The craftsmen here have high skill to make wicker and weave many materials; they are available to make any webbing, wicker and cane products from any substrate. But most of them utilize the natural substrates from it’s around to make their handicraft product.  The substrates that are available in here are: pandanus, water hyacinth, agel, and bamboo.

bag handicraft
  • Water hyacinth
Water hyacinth is a nuisance plant in the water.  He grow quickly to shallow the water pool, lake and river. But when it is dried up, then he can utilized as the material to make any woven product. It can be whickered to make bag, matt, ornament, bucket, basket, accessories and many ornamental to the product. The water hyacinth his also used to make furniture supports such as: matt, chair seat, drawer and even top panel or front panel. 

  • Pandan
Pandan is one of the herbaceous plants that grow on the beach. The southern coast is one of the origins of the pandanus. It was often wattled to make mattresses. Now the substrate can be utilized to make many products. Bag, wallet, matt, bucket and many products can be made with this material.  

pandanus handicraft
  • Agel.
Agel is the leaf of the plant from a species of palm tree.  The leaves then can be dried to be used to make many woven products. Bags, wallets and assorted souvenirs can be generated with unique shapes.

agel basket
  • Bamboo.
Bamboo actually is tough tree. Bamboo can be cut and assembled for a variety of purposes such as: furniture, home, pillars, floors, etc. In this area bamboo stem is sliced and woven to produce a wide range of products. Many wicker and woven bamboo products can be made here such as: wall, mattresses, bucket, and many accessories products. 

bamboo bucket and souvenier

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