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The center of leather craft in Pucung, Yogyakarta.

Pucung is small village located at the southeast of Yogyakarta, approximately 30 minute travelling from the Yogyakarta city center. It is near the Imogiri hill, the location of the Royal family of Yogyakarta kingdom’s tomb. The  Pucung village is well-known as the center of  the leather handicraft. In this village there are many artisan and leather craftsmen’s that are produce and work to make leather craft products. The people in here hereditary have high skill to carve and paint the leather to make any kind of leather craft products. 

gunungan kulit

Wayang, the Javanese leather puppets is still the most favorite leather products in this area. The wayang kulit (leather puppet) show that is still favored by the many Javanese peoples makes the demand to the puppet. Beside to be used as the puppet for the wayang show, the wayang puppets are liked by many people to decorate their house. The wayang puppet or wayang portraits that picturing the special figures at the puppet story are hang at the wall as room decoration.  

bima suci painting on leather
 Many leather craft products such as: painting, wall decoration, calligraphy, or souvenirs are also available in many leather workshops in here.  Actually the leather craft products are also available in many stores or gallery in the Yogyakarta city. If you're traveling in Yogyakarta, and you don’t have enough time then you can find these products in stores or gallery in downtown of Yogyakarta. But if you specially look for the leather craft product, then you better to spend time to visit this area. In this area you will get more variety products with better price. The leather craftsmen in this area are also available to produce the handicraft with special orders.

leather craft painting

Then if you visit Yogyakarta especially when you look for some special things don’t miss to visit Pucung, Wukirharjo, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta. You can visit the village for sightseeing ant once time to find many special leather craft product with cheap price. There are many leather craft products that can be paid and brought ass special souvenir and gift. Or you can order the craft products with special model and looked. 

leather craft souveniers

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