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Free Phthalate finishing for baby furniture

Phthalate is the additive that is added in the nitrocellulose (NC) coating as the plasticizers. Pure nitrocellulose is hard and brittle (very easy to crack). Plasticizers is added into the nc lacquer to make it to be more plastic and flexible. The uses of phthalate as plasticizers in nitrocellulose coating was introduced in the 1930’s. Since then, the phthalate use in industrial coatings is widespread in conjunction with the booming use of nitrocellulose coatings in the finishing industry.
But then the last study reveals that phthalate is a material that can interfere with human health. Phthalate in the coating and variety of plastic products can released out with a strong heat or solvent and expose to its environment. Phthalate exposure in humans is indicated to cause cancer and metabolic disorders. Phthalate is more dangerous if is exposure to the children and babies. The fact has make producers are increasingly forced to use non-phthalate plasticizers. In the new rules regarding baby SPA 2008, (the rules governing the use within required standards for baby products and baby furniture crib ) is written that the  maximum of phthalate content  in the baby furniture products should not exceed 1 ppm. See the complete regulation in here:

free phthalate finish for the baby product

baby crib must use the free phthalate finish

If you make the furniture for babies or children then you must make sure that your product fulfills the regulation. The finishing layer at the product must comply with the rule about the phthalate content. We may need to make new setting for the finishing process to make sure we go the free phthalate finish.

Here are some tips to make the phthalate compliance coating layer.
  • Use the free phthalate finishing materials.
We need the free phthalate finishing material to make the free phthalate finishing layer. Phthalates is used in the NC finishing materials. If we want the phthalate free, then we can simply use the non NC finishing material. We can use the water based, poly urethane, UV coating or even acid curing to make the free phthalate finish. 
Even if we have to use the NC finishing material then we can use the NC material which is the free phthalate type. The finishing materials industry has anticipate this issue by providing the non phthalate NC finishing materials. Since the regulation, actually the uses of phthalate in the coating has  been reduced nd most of NC material has also does not contain the phthalate, but we must make sure that we use only the free phthalate finishing material.
  • Control the application and handling of the finishing materials
The phthalate on finishing layer can also caused by the contamination in the finishing materials during handling and application. Then we must be aware to the equipment and utility to handle the material. The phthalate is also used in the plastic that we could used to handle and apply the material. We better avoid the uses of plastic material tool such as: measuring cup, plastic bucket, plastic hose and other plastic tool to handle the free phthalate finishing material.

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  1. I love the look of newly finished furniture. I've been looking for a new table for my dining room the last few weeks. My son has a black belt and tried to karate kick it...long story short, we need a new table. I hope I can get one that's beautifully finished. Thanks for the post!

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