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Bed, is not just furniture for sleeping

Bed is the furniture that specially designed as the place for lye down, relax or sleeping, but actually he has more role. As the main furniture in the bedroom, bed is also coloring and built the aesthetic of the room. We can find beds in any models, type and looked in the market that purposed to bring the aesthetic value instead of the functional. Many models are available such as; sleigh bed, poster bed, day bed, etc. Beds are also available in many style such as: antique, modern, simple, etc. Each style and models are bring his own unique and beauty. The bed frames are made from various materials: wood, engineering wood, metal and combination of them. Each one provides a different appearance to cater to the preferences of the users.

There are several sizes of beds available to fulfill his functionally purposes, such as: Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, and King sizes of the bed. Each size offers different dimensions to accommodate varying preferences and needs. 

wooden bed

The bed components 

Basically bed consist 2 main components, mattress as a place to lay down and the frame as the support for the mattress. But there are lot of part in the bed that are combined together to make a complete product. 

  • Headboard
The headboard is the board at the head of the bed. It can serve both functional to support the matrass, but more important is to build the aesthetic of the bed. Headboard is providing a wide panels that become the main attention for the looked of the furniture. 

  • Footboard

Similar to the headboard, the footboard is the vertical panel or board at the foot of the bed. The footboard panel is smaller then the footboard with model and color usually follow the footboard.  

  • Side Rails

Side rails are horizontal components that connect and unify the headboard and footboard, enclosing the mattress and providing additional support to the bed. 

  • Slats

Slats are horizontal supports that provide a foundation for the mattress to rest on. Some bed frames have built-in slats that eliminate the need for a box spring.

  • Legs or Casters
Bed legs or casters are attached to the bed frame and provide elevation, allowing air circulation under the bed and making it easier to move the bed if needed.

  • Box Spring

A box spring (also known as a foundation) is a supportive base that is often placed beneath the mattress. It helps absorb shock and distribute weight evenly to enhance mattress durability and comfort.

  • Mattress

The mattress is the essential part of the bed where you sleep. It is function to create a comfortable sleeping surface. It is designed to offer a cushioned and soft layer that allows person can comfortable lye down on it. The mattress is covered with bed sheet to protect it from the dust or other dirt. 

Tips to select and choose the bed.

Currently, there are many options of beds available in the market. The furniture industry are offering various types of beds, each with its own advantages. This is certainly very beneficial for users as they have a wide range of choices for beds to use. However, the abundance of choices often leads to confusion, especially when furniture seller tend to offer the product superiority. 

Here some guides when you choose the furniture bed for your room

  • Make sure it is functionally well
The main purpose to install the bed in the room is to be used as place for lye down and sleep. Make sure you choose the right bed according to you need. Use a mattress with the flexibility and hardness that suits to your needs. Try and feel the mattress, make sure it bring the comfortability to you.
  • Make sure it bring the look according to your room decoration 
The bed is also needed as the aesthetic builder for your room.  Define the style of your decoration theme then choose the bed style according to the room decoration. 
  • Consider the size 
Check and carefully measure the size of the room, make sue your bed fit with the room. The big size bed may be good for the big room, but it can make the room full and cramped for the small room
  • Consider the maintenance
Every stuff need to be maintain and cleaned periodically. Bed sheets and pillowcases need to be washed and replaced regularly. The mattress and frame might also need to be cleaned from dust or dirt that accumulates on their surfaces. The space under the bed should also be swept and cleaned to prevent the accumulation of dust underneath, which could potentially affect health. 
When you choose a bed, make sure it does not make complication in cleaning or maintaining. 

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