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Night stand, small cabinet to complete your bed room

Night stand,  or also called as: bedside table,  night table,  daystand or bedside cabinet is the small cabinet or table that placed beside the bed. The modern night stand often consist of small table with drawers or shelves. With his equipment, night stand is important furniture in the bed room in the modern decoration. 

classic bed room

The function of night stand.

A night stand is not just a small table next to the bed, he has several important functions

  • Furniture to put and store things 

Night stands has main function is as a place to put small items needed as bed companions such as: night lights, telephones, chargers, clock, and even tablet or laptop. tablets and so on. While the drawers or shelves, which are very useful for storing books, magazines or other small items that we want to access easily while in bed.

  • Decorative element in the room
Instead of his functionally uses, the night stand is also an important decorative element in the bedroom. Night stand now is design in many models and styles to add the character add the decorative value to the room. Night stand usually design in line with other bedroom furniture, although can be marketed separately with the other bedroom furniture. 

The models and types of night stand.

According to the interior decoration development, the nightstands come in various types and styles, catering to different needs and design preferences. Here are some common types and models of night stand.
  • Classic Traditional Nightstand
The classic design usually features a small cabinet design with drawers or shelves for storage. Depend to the styles, the classic design can be just simple form, but also can be "busy" with carved and accent, The special wood or veneer can be used to bring the high value and the luxury of the furniture.  
  • Vintage or antique 
Vintage is the things that come form the past with historical value. The antique night stand is the stuff for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics. They often feature intricate details and craftsmanship at the making process and specially in the finishing process. 
  • Rustic 
Rustic style is the special value of naturality, charming and rugged aesthetic, Rustic night stand is the furniture to bring often the natural and country decoration to evoking feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and a connection to nature. Rustic night stand pieces are characterized by their raw and unrefined appearance, the imperfections and unique qualities of the materials used
  • Modern nightstand
Modern nightstands is made by considering and accommodating the needs of people today. There many models of modern night stand. The simple model with sleek, minimalist designs with clean lines with modern engineering material such as: plywood, mdf or particle board are much available now.  The other models incorporate materials like metal, glass, or lacquered wood veneer are the models with higher value.
  • Floating nightstand
Floating combining is designed to utilize the the mechanic technology to  meet the needs of modern human. The night stand mounted directly onto the wall, giving the illusion of floating. They're an excellent choice for small bedrooms or for creating a contemporary look.

Some people opt to create their own nightstands using repurposed materials or by customizing existing furniture pieces. Some peoples are design its furniture and order it to the furniture workshop. This allows for creativity and customization to match specific decor styles and preferences.
Some peoples buy the night stand on the furniture market or furniture store, where many models, style and size can be found and selected according to the needs.

Tips in selecting and choosing the night stand

Night stand play important role in the bed room decoration. The proper selection is needed when you decide to put it in the room, either design and make it or buy it form the store. Here the thing to be considered:
  • Define your needs: 
Think about how you plan to use your nightstand. Functional uses is the first things to be considered, make sure the furniture answer you need. Will it primarily serve as storage for books and bedside essentials, or do you need extra surface area for a lamp, alarm clock, or charging station. Each person may have different stuff, then you may have special things in you bedroom. Think about about your stuff and the choose the night stand according to your need.

antique night stand

antique night stand
  • Define your style: 
Instead of the functionality, your nightstand should complement the aesthetic of your bedroom. Define your style and then you can choose the suitable furniture for you room.  Whether your style is modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic, there's a nightstand out there to suit your taste. If the other furniture are already installed, then your night stand must accord and match with the other furniture and the decoration theme of your room.
  • Consider the safety 
Make sure the stuff is safe and healthy for you life. Make sure the design and construction is safe. Consider the material and finishing, make sure it doesn't emit the harmful gas. 
  • Consider the maintenance
You will always need to clean and do maintenance for your room and furniture in there. Make sure the night stand and the other furniture in the room can be easily cleaned up. Consider the space of the room, make sure there is enough space for you to do your activities. 

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