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Antique style furniture, bringing the timeless beauty from the past

Antique style furniture, is furniture which give a classic aesthetic and the beauty of the past. Longing for the past is one of the basic human instincts, that's why many people like antique items. The antique and ancient are things that remind them of the past. Antique furniture is designed and made based on inspiration from the past, especially from the history of furniture in Europe and America. Although not always authentic antique furniture, these designs are inspired by various historical periods, such as the Victorian, Baroque, or Art Deco eras, Antique style furniture even not really old and ancient stuff, is giving the room an elegant and timeless feel. Antique style furniture continues to have its admirers today because it has a unique and special beauty. Here are  some reasons why antique-style furniture remains attractive to many people:

  • The timeless beauty 

Antique style furniture have the elegance and timeless beauty of the past. The antique furniture that historically recorded was created and designed by the best artists of their time. Since that it is very reasonable if they have timeless charm and beauty. The timeless past designs value is fascinating inspiration for contemporary products. The old furniture style remains relevant and appealing today, even as the decoration trends change.

  • Historical value

Antique furniture carries historical value. The antique style furniture will evoke and reminds people to the romance of the past. Antique-style furniture can bring the decoration of the room to the atmosphere of past together with beauty and grandeur.

  • Naturality 

In the past, furniture products were made with simple tools and processes. The antique furniture brings the unique of manual processes and simplicity. Additionally, much of the old furniture was made when wood resources were abundantly available. Antique-style furniture reminds peoples of times when humans were in the close relationship to nature. When the life was more manually, naturally and less dependent on the industry and technology.

How antique style furniture are made

Antique style furniture today is made using modern production processes. It is impossible to return to the manual methods from the past in the modern woodworking time. The antique style furniture now is made with modern woodworking process and machinery but with special tricks and techniques. Some manual process and handwork are used to make the antique and ancient looked.

  • Design and material selection

Creating antique furniture starts with design. The furniture is designed by referring to furniture models from the past. There are many model and styles of furniture from the past that can be used as inspiration and idea sources. Some modification is needed to accord with the condition and taste of current human life. The production processes such as: the material selection, the construction and finishing are directly managed to create the furniture with antique style and looked 

  • Physical distress

One method of creating an antique look is with a technique called physical distress. It is the process to manipulate the furniture to appear old, broken and weathered. Several distress techniques can be used to make the aged and weathered appearance. You can read our previous article : physical distress for antique finishing 

  • Finishing Process

The finishing process is a crucial step in achieving an antique look. Some finishing materials are specifically designed to create an antique appearance, such as: glaze, powder glaze, wax, etc. With the right finishing materials and the proper technique, many antique looked furniture can be made. you can find more about antique finishing in our previous post : antique finishing

Tips for choosing antique style furniture

Antique furniture style is still available a lot in the furniture market. Every body can find and choose the antique style furniture and buy it. But however, you need to get enough information before buy and choose furniture. Here some considerations when you look for antique style furniture. 

  • Learn the style and period of furniture

If you love antique or classic furniture, you should be willing to learn about the various styles and historical periods of furniture. Each style and period have its own characteristics and uniqueness. The knowledge about the furniture history will give perspective to find the best furniture for you.

  • The quality and safety

Make sure the furniture has good quality before you by it. Although antique furniture may look old and damaged in some parts, safety must be the first priority. Check details of the product such as:  construction, models, joints, and finishing to make you choose right product, good quality, comfortable and safe.

  • Make sure it fit the room well

Consider the size and proportion of the furniture and make sure they are according to the room. Too big or too small furniture can disrupt the visual balance and lay out of the room. Also, consider the theme of your room's decoration, ensuring the furniture you choose fits and matches the room visually and spaciously.

  • Maintenance

Some antique furniture has complex shapes and models that make complexity in the cleaning and maintenance. It will be unpleasant situation when you get problems with the furniture you buy. Then make sure your furniture can be easily maintained and cleaned before you buy them. Avoid products that could make troublesome due to maintenance issues.

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