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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finishing materials knowledge

Finishing materials knowledge

    1. Chemically stain for wood finishing 
    2. Classification of finishing material 
    3. Clear coating ( the type of clear coating in the wood furniture finishing )   
    4. Color in furniture finishing 
    5. Crackle lacquer 
    6. Electrocoating for furniture  
    7.  Flow coat for furniture finishing 
    8.  Gold finish for furniture 
    9.  NGR stain ( how to make) 
    10. Oil finish
    11. Outdoor finishing material 
    12. Scotch brite for wood finishing
    13. Solid content of finishing materials 
    14. Solvents (The properties of common solvents in wood finishing) 
    15.  Stain for wood finishing 
    16. Stain for wood finishing (How to check the color of the stain) 
    17. Stain color (How to make color in the wood finishing) 
    18. Steel wool for wood finishing
    19. Stain color (How to choose the stain in the wood furniture finishing)
    20.  Stain for solid color in the wood furniture finishing 
    21. Texture paint for wood finish 
    22. Top coat for furniture finishing 
    23. Traditional finishing materials for wood finishing 
    24. Wiping stain for wood furniture

    Thinner and solvents


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