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Finishing material

Coating and paint

  1.  Acrylic paint for furniture finish
  2. Acid curing clear coating for wood finishing 
  3. Brushing lacquer  
  4. Butyrate clear coating for wood finishing 
  5. Clear coating for wood finishing 
  6. Clear coating ( the type of clear coating in the wood furniture finishing )   
  7. Crackle lacquer 
  8. Electrostatic coating for wood furniture  
  9. Electrocoating for furniture  
  10.  Flow coat for furniture finishing 
  11. Latex paint for furniture finishing 
  12. Matting agent  for top coat
  13. NC Clear coating 
  14. Polyurethane clear coating 
  15. Polyester coating for wood finishing   
  16. Powder coating for furniture  
  17. Precatalyzed clear coating 
  18. Sealer and wash coat 
  19. Shellac for wood finish 
  20. Spar varnish for wood finishing 
  21. Texture paint for wood finish 
  22. Top coat for furniture finishing 
  23. UV Coating for wood finishing 
  24. UV coating for furniture 
  25. UV coating for wood flooring 
  26. Varnish for wood finish 1 
  27. Varnish for wood finishing 2
  28.  Veiling lacquer 
  29.  Vinyl coating
  30. Water based coating for wood furniture finishing 
  31. Waxing lacquer
Stain, glaze, filler and putty

Thinner and solvents